Our trading system already ceased on 30 October 2023. If you have any enquiry, please contact our customer service.

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Important Notice

Dear Valued Customer,


Re:     Cessation of Services

關於: 終止服務                                               

We refer to our notices to you respectively dated 31st August, 20th September and 16th October 2023 (the “Notices”).


Arrangement with the Clients


By virtue of the Notices, you were informed that we proposed to cease to provide trading services on 1st November 2023 (the “Original Cessation Date”). We write to confirm that we will extend the Original Cessation Date to the date of 31st December 2023 (the “Extended Cessation Date”) to facilitate you to seek alternative securities trading services. For the purpose to complete the cessation of securities trading services, we hereby write to give you notice that we will terminate and close all your cash securities trading account(s) established and maintained with us (“Your Account(s)”) simultaneously with the cessation of securities trading services. In the circumstances, Your Account(s) will be terminated and closed on the Extended Cessation Date. As such, you are reminded to, prior to and in any event no later than the Extended Cessation Date, carry out any of the following actions:-


  1. Withdraw and/or collect all cash balance under Your Account(s);

  1. Transfer all cash balance, securities and such other assets under Your Account(s) to another intermediary at your own costs and expenses; and/or

  1. Sign and return the “Securities Renunciation Confirmation” attached hereto as Appendix 1, for the purpose of completely renouncing all your interest, rights, claims, title and possession of the securities held in and under Your Account(s) (the “Securities”) and to authorize us to deal with or dispose of the Securities at our own discretion.

Application for the Appointment of the Judicial Trustee


If you fail to provide us with your written direction or instruction as to how to deal with your assets under Your Account(s), or we are unable to contact you, or we otherwise remain in possession of unclaimed assets belonging to you on or before the Extended Cessation Date, we have no alternative but to apply to the High Court of Hong Kong pursuant to sections 56 and 62 of the Trustee Ordinance (Cap. 29 of the Laws of Hong Kong) for the appointment of judicial trustee and deposit all assets unclaimed belonging to you to the judicial trustee appointed by the Court of Hong Kong in due course. In such event, you may need to seek independent legal advice as to how to reclaim your assets deposited with the judicial trustee and incur extra costs and expenses on your part. In addition, all of Your Accounts demonstrating no credit balance and no stockholding thereafter will be closed without further notice.




Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact your account executive or our customer service department at (852) 3929-2800 during office hours (from Monday to Friday).


Thank you for your long-term patronage and we are honoured to have served you.


Yours faithfully,

Public Securities Limited

大眾証券有限公司 謹啟


Note: If there is any conflict or inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions of this letter, the English version shall prevail. This letter is computer generated and therefore no signature is required.