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Public Securities Limited ("Public Securities") was incorporated in 1991, and is one of the subsidiaries of Public Finance Limited ("Public Finance"). Our Mission is to provide a full range of securities services in Hong Kong.

On 17 October 2008, Public Finance and Public Securities became a wholly owned subsidiary of Public Bank (Hong Kong) Limited, which in turn is a wholly own subsidiary of Public Financial Holdings Ltd. (“Public Financial”), a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Ltd (stock code: 626)

Public Financial is a subsidiary of Public Bank Berhad, a commercial bank listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (Bloomberg code PBK:MK) since 1967. Public Bank Berhad is the third largest bank in Malaysia, and one of it’s subsidiary, Public Mutual Berhad, is the biggest private mutual fund in Malaysia.

With the solid and strong financial background of Public Financial and Public Bank Berhad, Public Securities is looking forward to provide excellent services to our clients for investing in Hong Kong securities market.

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